Stealth Blender with 2 FourSide Jars and Black Soft Lids

For an advanced commercial blender, rely on this Blendtec S885C2901-B1GB1A Stealth 885 blender for your blending needs. It includes a sound enclosure that reduces the noise of your blender without taking away from its industrial strength with its proprietary sound dampening and airflow innovations. Provide comfort to your customers, allowing them to hold a conversation at normal noise levels. Plus, the enclosure is sleek and easy to clean. This blender combines durability, power, and many features to aid you in your kitchen.

This blender also comes with 2 Blendtec FourSide 75 oz. clear jars that are made of durable Eastman TRITAN® co-polyester. It features a square shape and a single-prong wingtip blade for a better blending vortex, micronizing ingredients. This clear jar shows standard ounce and cup markings along the side to make measuring easy and efficient, and the blunt blade is safe and stronger than traditional blades.

This blender includes a black latching lid, which is made of a flexible rubber with a plastic insert and seals securely during blending. This lid also features 4 side latches that hold the latching lid secure, and it's easy to remove by grabbing any of the 4 latches and lifting. Plus, the lid snaps on to clearly indicate it's secured. With its removable center cap, you can add ingredients while blending, keeping splashes contained, and thanks to its inner rib design, this lid can be placed upside-down on counters to keep your counters clean and to avoid mess.

Versatile, this blender boasts USB programmability and offers 42 preprogrammed cycles for perfectly consistent recipes as well as a pulse function. Great for customization, drink programs can even be created with the online BlendWizard, which can create an unlimited number of blend cycles with up to 14 that can be stored in the blender. It features a cutting-edge design and functionality to provide an advanced yet user-friendly experience to your blending, tackling up to 200 blends a day. With an illuminated OLED display with a tactile keypad, this blender is easy to use and read.


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