Please be aware, We are currently making updates to the structure of this website. If an item you require has the quantity code as either EA or PC - this means a single amount. If an item is showing out of stock, we may still have it available, feel free to put it in the "Order Notes" section at checkout and we will manually add this in for you.

Supply Chain Solutions

We are working diligently to try to keep inventory levels up, but that has continued to be a challenge. Packaging materials are still in short supply, as well as some ingredients. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during these unique times and will continue to work diligently to provide solutions and updates.

We have received our shipment of Plastic Cups & Lids. We anticipate that we will be in a good position moving forward so there should be no need to order more than necessary.

Straws - The Green Straws we have in stock are NOT bio-degradable, they are standard plastic, they come from the same manufacturer as the older ones but the materials used are not the same. For those that require bio-degradable straws, such as NY, NJ, CA to meet regulations, we do have Blue Phade Straws available that are made from sustainable plant material.

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Organic Vanilla Whey Protein - No ETA as of yet.

Dr Smoothie 100% Crushed Limeade has been discontinued and will no longer be available for purchase

Dried Bananas may appear to be different in color and texture for a limited time as we source externally due to shortages - still a high quality, tasty product