swiig Meal Replacement Bar Chocolate - 12ct

Complete Meal Bars Made with Organic Protein, Cashews & Dates!

Necessity is the mother of invention and, with our new Protein Bar, we’ve brilliantly addressed the needs of professional and college athletes and conscientious consumers, along with anyone who cares about what goes into their food. This bar is a perfect, delicious, whole food that is unprocessed, raw, and plant-based. No heating, baking or processing to change the nature of the ingredients. Imagine that. It can be done and we are THE ones doing it. 


Contains: Dates*, Coconut Nectar*, Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds (soaked & dried)*, Sprouted Cashews*, Pea Protein Powder*, Sacha Inchi Protein Powder*, Cacao Powder*, Oats*, MCT Oil, Ground Flaxseed*, Coconut Shreds*, Cacao Nibs* (*indicates organic ingredient).

Allergen information: Contains Tree Nuts (Cashews and Coconut). 

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