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Hive of Hope - Albany, NY - Making a Difference

Posted by Joe Hocker on

One of our newest customers, Hive of Hope of Albany, NY, planning to open later this year has a very ambitious goal to better serve their community. Their goal is to provide a safe haven for those in recovery from substance use disorders through a focus on fellowship, nutrition, exercise, service, and recreation.

Many of the folks they are trying to help have little more than the clothes on their backs, which means the cost of entry to most facilities is out of reach. As a non-profit, they plan to fund the center on the generosity of the community to provide services to those in recovery free of charge. To help offset costs and encourage nutrition, they are adding a shake bar/café, but they are looking for some help with equipment. They are looking for donations or low-cost secondhand equipment including a 3-bay sink, small hand wash sink, ice maker & mini fridge. If your club is getting rid of or replacing any working equipment, please consider helping get this important project off the ground.  (Donations may be tax deductible.)

Every day substance use disorders take people’s lives, many of them young people, and Hive of Hope is working to make a difference.

For more information or to donate, please comment below or  reach out to Lindsay Kehl. 

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