Market Conditions - June 24, 2021

Posted by John Hocker on

To say supply chain issues have increased would be an understatement! Currently we are having challenges with Dr. Smoothie purées, cups and dried fruits! As detailed in our previous email, certain purées will be coming in larger bottles soon due to PET shortages.

In addition, we also have another manufacturer coming on board for our top 4 flavors (Mango, Strawberry, Four Berry & Pineapple) to help mitigate the shortages. These will be in stock early next week. The new purées come in 48oz bottles, at the same price per ounce.

As for cups, these are imported and the cost of containers has gotten out of control! What used to cost under $5k to ship is now over $20k. We will need to implement a (hopefully temporary) price increase of 15%. Additionally, Freeze-Dried Fruits – specifically bananas and strawberries – are also seeing increases, and will likely have an impact in about 30 days.

As always, we appreciate your patience, understanding, and your continued support during these trying times. We will continue to keep you updated when and if more changes in supply chain occur. 

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