Please be aware due to a recent mistake in our printing/production line, our Dried Kale is currently at a 0.9oz bag size. This is just under HALF the amount you'd usually receive. We suggest ordering DOUBLE the usual required amount. We will move to a 1.8oz size in the future.

New Website, Member's Club and Online Courses available!

Posted by Chris Murphy on

Over the last few months, Team PFC has been hard at work on some special projects to help you maintain and grow your business. Starting with a brand new Performance Food Centers website,  This new site tells the story of who we are and what we do better than we could have ever imagined! Check it out to see if you’re getting the most of what we have to offer. You can also get to our brand new, completely redesigned Member’s Club. In the Member’s Club, you’ll find educational and promotional materials, as well as recipes and operations information. We’ve also launched our new online training platform, PFC University. Sign yourself, and your whole team, up for PFC University today to make sure you all stay up-to-date on shake making, nutrition, operations and more!

At PFC, we are dedicated to helping your business thrive through our world class customer support, along with the educational materials and tools found on these new sites. We’re very proud of them and we know that they can help make your business even stronger!

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