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Email Sending Doggo

As you know, we send emails letting our customers know about things like new products and changes in monthly marketing. We also send automatic emails to folks who fill out our contact forms and sign up for some of our different services.

For us, most of our emails are sent using MailChimp, but services like Constant Contact, HubSpot Marketing, and SendGrid all function pretty similarly, allowing you to make emails with a customized look and feel, as well as automated campaigns that can be triggered by simply adding an email address to your contact list. We like that we can build automated campaigns that we would have to send manually without an email service doing the work for us. Direct email campaigning can be a great way to reach your customers on an individual level. Most of these platforms allow you to use some reference point, say a birthday, to trigger a targeted email with well wishes. It’s a great way to show your customers you appreciate them, and add a personal touch.

For those of you who use a customer relationship management software (AKA: a CRM), most email marketing platforms have an easy-to-use integration with the rest of your business applications (I.e. your calendar, email, social media, etc.). For example, we link ours directly with Salesforce (our CRM software), which allows us to add a contact to an email campaign in MailChimp by simply clicking on the contact’s page in Salesforce. That means we are able to add a contact to our email campaigns without ever opening MailChimp.

Email marketing platforms are a great way to get you away from the computer, while still allowing you to send vital information to your base, such as upcoming events or new products and services. This time away from your computer lets you get back out front with your customers building those face-to-face relationships.

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