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Tech Tuesday - Task & Project Management

Posted by Joe Hocker on

Louie (totally exhausted from managing his "projects") - Parents: Laura Fitzgerald & Joe Hocker

One of the biggest issues we run into is that we are always trying to do too much. There never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything on our to-do lists. If we don’t keep our tasks organized, stuff starts to fall through the cracks. Today, I want to talk about Project and Task Management.

There are tons and tons of project and task management software and apps out there designed to help you keep your projects organized and tasks on track. Here at PFC, we use Whether it’s the graphic designers keeping track of menu designs and product packaging projects, or cross department teams working on projects like our brand-new website and Member’s Club, helps us stay organized by outlining tasks, assigning responsibility to multiple team members, setting deadlines, and keeping all of the information regarding a specific project in one place for easy access.

For example, we had folks from almost every department working on our website update, communicating daily and weekly on different tasks, but we kept that communication in; managing due dates and updates on task in one place made sure that the whole team was up to date on the different moving parts and kept it moving forward! Keeping that communication centralized was also vital as the pandemic pushed us to work remotely.

While you may not be working on a big website project, even managing your daily tasks in something as simple as a Google Sheet that is accessible to everyone involved will help make sure that tasks are complete and that you’re not doing double work.

Making sure that your projects and tasks stay on track and organized will help make sure that you and your team know what needs to get done and gets you back to working with your customers and clients more quickly.

About Joe Hocker

Joe is an RPA developer, building workflow automations and bots to help make work more meaningful. When not developing new processes, he teaches photography, lens based media and design softwares at a small liberal arts college.

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