Please be aware due to a recent mistake in our printing/production line, our Dried Kale is currently at a 0.9oz bag size. This is just under HALF the amount you'd usually receive. We suggest ordering DOUBLE the usual required amount. We will move to a 1.8oz size in the future.

swiig Freeze Dried, Diced Kale - .9oz Bag

Update: This is currently a 0.9oz bag - This is just under half the usual size of the 2oz - We recommend ordering twice your required amount to meet your needs. This is due to a printing/packaging error within our current run. This will change to a 1.8oz final product in the future.   

Kale is the “darling” of the health food set these days. What better way to make sure that you’re taking advantage of the fiber, iron, calcium and slew of vitamins in this nutrient-dense leafy green than to keep an Organic, Freeze-Dried version in your kitchen? We can’t think of any.


Ingredients: Organic Freeze-Dried Kale.

Recipes using swiig Freeze Dried, Diced Kale - .9oz Bag

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