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WildSide Clear Jar NO Lid included

WildSide Clear Jar NO Lid included

This Blendtec WildSide+ 40-630-60 90 oz. clear jar with latching lid replaces broken or missing blender jars. Extra jars are also perfect to keep on hand during busy business hours. The WildSide+ jar features an extra-wide base and a square design with a fifth side and a large capacity for a better blending vortex and shorter wait times, while its 3 corners allow for pouring at multiple angles. This clear jar shows standard ounce and cup markings along the side to make measuring easy and efficient, and with its lightweight design, it's easy to lift and pour.

This jar's nearly 4" blade is more aggressive to power through your larger capacity of ingredients. It's constructed of impact-resistant Eastman TRITAN® co-polyester, and it's quieter than the polycarbonate design. It includes a black latching lid, which is made of a flexible rubber with a plastic insert and seals securely during blending. This lid also features 4 side latches that hold the latching lid secure, and it's easy to remove by grabbing any of the 4 latches and lifting. Plus, the lid snaps on to clearly indicate it's secured. With its removable center cap, you can add ingredients while blending, keeping splashes contained, and thanks to its inner rib design, this lid can be placed upside-down on counters to keep your counters clean and to avoid mess. This jar and lid are compatible with all Blendtec WildSide+ consumer blenders.


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